How to unsubscribe from ticket notifications

There is a "Watch" feature in Deskun. It allows subscribing or unsubscribing from notifications related to a certain ticket. Usually, ticket notifications reach ticket owners and assignees, or all the agents in the channel if a ticket is not assigned to anyone.

To subscribe to ticket notifications that wouldn't normally reach you, select "Watch" in the context menu of an open ticket, and then click "Subscribe to notifications".

To unsubscribe from ticket notifications, click "Unsubscribe from notifications". You will not receive any unless this ticket is assigned to you again.

You can quickly subscribe to ticket notifications once you open the ticket. In the right info panel, "Watchers" tab, click on the "+".

If you are already a ticket watcher, you can quickly unsubscribe from notifications. Simply hover over your avatar and press the cross button. You will stop receiving ticket notifications unless this ticket is assigned to you again, or you subscribe to notifications again.