How to set a deadline

There are several methods to set a ticket deadline in Deskun:

1. While creating a ticket. In the "Deadline" section click "not set" and choose the required date and time.

2. Via the context menu of a ticket. Right-click a ticket, press "Deadline" and set the date in the appearing window.

3. In the right info panel of the open ticket. Find "Deadline" and click "not set", then choose the time and date you need:

Changing deadlines is easy as well. In the context menu right-click on the ticket and select "Deadline", then set the new deadline date and time. You can also alter the deadline in the right info panel of the open ticket.

To remove a deadline, find "Deadline" in the context menu and press Reset.

There is an option to remove the deadline in the right info panel of an open ticket. Simply click the little cross icon ().

When the deadline approaches, ticket owner and assignee receive pop-up notifications with a reminder.

They will also see reminder notifications in the event feed, and tickets with approaching deadline will be marked as "NEW".

A ticket with an expired deadline is highlighted in red. Deskun shows the total amount of time the ticket was expired for. When hovering over it, you'll see the time and date of the deadline.