How to create a ticket

A ticket is an object in Deskun. It can demarcate a customer request or a task for an employee. If you use Deskun as a customer support service, your customers' emails will automatically turn into tickets.

You can also create a ticket manually in the following ways:

1. In Gmail: click the "Compose" button and in the appearing window click (). Tthen fill in the ticket properties as applies.

2. "New ticket" button in Gmail.

In the appearing window enter the following ticket properties:

  • Recipients. Leave this field blank for now. When the queue is selected all agents assigned to it will automatically populate this field.
  • Subject. This field is mandatory for every ticket.
  • Channel. If a ticket is created from within a particular channel, its “Name” field is automatically populated. If a ticket is created in some other manner, you will have to fill in this field manually.
  • Priority. Here ticket priority is set. It is set to Common by default.
  • Assign to. Here you should select an employee assigned to the task.
  • Deadline. This field is optional. Set a date by which the ticket should be resolved. More about deadlines.
  • Checklist. This is an optional list of things that have to be done to progress on a ticket. More about checklists.

3. You can turn a regular email into a ticket at will. In your list of emails, click the Deskun icon and select "Create ticket in". Choose the channel you want to place that ticket in. The ticket will appear in the chosen channel.

4. You can turn selected chat messages into tickets. To do this, select the desired messages and click the "Create ticket" button in the top chat menu.

The text will contain a note saying the ticket was created with a specific chat channel. You will only need to fill in the appropriate ticket parameters.