How to create a checklist

In Deskun, you can create checklists of subtasks associated with a particular ticket.

The checklist can be used as a list of subtasks within a "mother" task, or as a list of requirements for a task, etc.

How to create a checklist for a ticket?

1. When creating a new ticket, choose the "Checklist" field in the toolbar:

Add the items you need, and click "Save". 

2. You can also add a checklist through the right info panel in an open ticket, by clicking on "Checklist":

Created checklist is displayed at the top of the open ticket. 

When a subtask is completed, click the check mark next to it, and then click "Save". This action will immediately appear in ticket history.

Checklist status is displayed at the right info panel in the open ticket. 

If necessary, a checklist can be edited: edit items, add new ones, move their positions, or remove unnecessary ones. You can edit the checklist by clicking the appropriate button in the list of tickets, or inside an open ticket.

How to delete a checklist?

To delete a checklist for a ticket, you need to delete all its items when editing: