Plugin settings

You can change how Deskun elements appear in Gmail within the "Settings" tab of your Control Panel.

"Interface" tab

  1. Tickets per page. A number of tickets displayed per page for a particular channel.
  2. New ticket button. Set the new ticket button position in Gmail (left or right).
  3. Open ticket counter. You can turn on/off ticket counter shown in the column to the left of your channels.
  4. Show sender name. You can show sender name instead of email in the ticket list.
  5. Show ticket snippets. You can show or hide email snippets in the ticket list.
  6. Action history. Each ticket contains its entire log of replies, delegations, openings, closings and other actions. When the parameter is turned off, action history is not displayed while reviewing the relevant ticket.
  7. Left Hangouts panel. An option to show or hide Hangouts chat. Sometimes this chat is located above Deskun channels covering them.
  8. Chat settings. Detach my conversations. Here you can specify the time to reset a dialogue with the client in case of your inactivity, i.e. the absence of messages from you.
  9. Chat settings. Turn off online mode. Here you can specify the time to go offline automatically after you close the Gmail page, or disconnect from the Internet.

"Notifications" tab

  1. Notifications. Move the slider to the right if you want to receive plugin notifications. You can show or hide notifications about new tickets, ticket replies and ticket properties changes.
  2. Notification sounds. You can turn on sound notifications.
  3. Leave as unread. When enabled, notifications in event feed will be left unread unless you click on them or click "Mark all as read".

"General" tab

  1. Startup digest. You can open summary statistics page for projects and channels when loading Gmail.
  2. Deskun news subscription. You can turn on/turn off notifications about new versions and project news.
  3. After closing a ticket. Set a default action after closing a ticket. It can be returning to channel, opening the next one or the previous one.
  4. Default priority. Priority to be set as default when creating a ticket. This parameter only affects the tickets created by the agent who sets the value.
  5. Track outgoing mail. This parameter only affects regular emails, and it is always enabled for tickets.