Managing projects

Creating a project

To create a project sign in to the Control Panel. Enter the "Projects and channels" tab and click the "Create new project" button.

In the appearing window fill in the following fields:

  • Project nameProject name should be unique among projects created by one agent and should not exceed 100 symbols. You can alter the project name later.
  • Logo (optional)Here you can upload an image to be shown in the Control Panel and Gmail interface to the left of the title. The image should not be larger than 1024x1024 pixels and should not exceed 1 MB. Currently .jpg and .png formats are supported.

After all the fields are filled in and the project has been Saved your new project appears in the Control Panel. The project will appear in Gmail within 1 - 2 minutes

Editing a project

To edit a project click the Pencil icon to the right of the project (). The appearing window allows you to change project name, description, and logo.

The "Agents" tab displays the agents that are already involved in the project. You can also invite new agents by specifying their Gmail or G Suite accounts.

Access rights

Users assigned to a project may have 3 types of access rights: owner, administrator, and agent.

  • Owner is the user who created the project. The owner possesses all the access rights including project editing and deletion as well as assignment rights.
  • Administrator has got similar access rights as the owner. Except he cannot remove the owner, downgrade his rights and delete staff from the project.
  • Agent is only permitted to handle the channels they are assigned to within a particular project.

To change access rights click current access right status to the right of the agent email and choose as appropriate.

Deleting a project

To delete your project click the Recycle Bin icon to the right of the project ().

Following the deletion, you as a user have 30 days to contact Deskun support team ( requesting to restore your project, otherwise, it is removed permanently.