Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter the Policy) determines the order of processing and protection of user information, which the Seedup, LTD. OGRN: 1167847144387, location:, Russia, St. Petersburg, ul. Artilleriyskaya 1a, BC Europa House, Office 410 (hereinafter the Administration) may receive while using Deskun (hereinafter Service).

Before using the Service, please read the terms of this Privacy Policy.

  1. General Provisions.

    1.1. By using the Service, you agree that:

    1.1.1. You were familiar with the terms of this Privacy Policy in its entirety before using the Service.

    1.1.2. By starting using the Service in any form you confirm the acceptance all the terms of this Privacy Policy in its entirety, without any exceptions or restrictions on your part.

    1.1.3. If you do not agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy, you should immediately stop using the Service.

    1.1.4. This Privacy Policy (or any of its parts) can be changed by the Administration without any special notice and without any compensational payments in this regard. The new version of the Policy enters into force on the date of its appearance on the Administration managed web page at, unless the new version of the Policy provides otherwise.

    1.2. By accepting the terms of this Policy, the User expresses their consent to the full processing of their data for the purposes specified in this Policy, as well as the transmission of user data to third parties in the cases listed in this Policy.

    Using the Service in a web browser with "cookie" data transfer enabled means an expression of User's consent to their information being collected and processed by the Administration for purposes specified in this Policy as well as transmission of said data to third parties in cases listed in this Policy.

    Suspending and/or blocking transmission or retention of cookies in browser preferences means an effective ban on cookie data collection and processing by the Administration in accordance with this Privacy Policy terms.

    Hereinafter, the term "cookies" is determined as per Policy posted at h

    1.3. As a general rule, the Administration does not verify the accuracy of user provided information.

  2. User information collected and processed by the Administration.

    2.1. This Policy applies to the following types of information:

    2.1.1. Personal information provided by the User directly during sign up process including personal information provided to the Administration through third-party Web services and personal information provided while using the Service itself. Personal information collected in this manner may include, in particular, the User's email address, first name, last name and Google services avatar.

    2.1.2. Data automatically transmitted to the Service by the User's device software including IP address, Google User ID and other user data such as email messages, contact information, cookie contents, browser and OS information, access time, search queries and location data. The Administration does not read users' correspondence and mailbox access is required solely to enable the core Service functionality such as mail filters and sorting.

    2.1.3. Data provided by the User on request of the Administration in order to fulfill the Administration's service providing commitments.

  3. The purposes of personal information collection and processing.

    3.1. The Administration collects and processes only the information specifically required to fulfill the Administration's service providing commitments.

    3.2. The Administration may use personal information for the following purposes:

    3.2.1. Party identification within transactions and agreements between the User and the Administration.

    3.2.2. Providing services to the users via the Service facilities and enabling further service improvement and new feature development.

    3.2.3. Responding to support requests, informing the User about new features and sending requests regarding service use.

    3.2.4. Performing marketing tasks, conducting statistical and other forms of research based on anonymous data.

    3.3. The User hereby expresses consent to the transmission of their personal information to the affiliates, partners of the Administration and third parties for the purposes set by paragraph 3.2 of this Policy.

    3.4. The Administration might request the User for additional consent in cases where it is necessary to use their personal information for the purposes not covered by this Policy.

  4. User information processing.

    4.1. Personal user information is stored in accordance with current legislation.

    4.2. Personal user information is not transmitted to third parties except for following cases:

    4.2.1. The User expressed their consent to such acts.

    4.2.2. Transmission is necessary for providing the functionality of the Service and/or its individual features or implementation of the Service's affiliation programs.

    4.2.3. The transmission is permitted by applicable law.

    4.2.4. In order to ensure proper protection of legitimate rights and interests of the Administration and/or third parties in cases of violation of the service agreement terms by the User.

    4.2.5. In a case of a merger, acquisition or any form of sale of some or all of its assets by the Administration. Thus, all obligations to comply with the terms of this Policy are transferred to the new owner of the Service assets.

  5. User rights.

    5.1. The User has rights to:

    5.1.1. Alter or add to their personal information in the Control Panel on the Service's web site.

    5.1.2. Receive information regarding the processing of their data from the Administration upon request.

  6. User information protection measures.

    6.1. The Administration takes all necessary and sufficient technical and organizational measures to protect personal user information from unauthorized access or exposure, destruction, alteration, blocking and other unauthorized actions regarding said information. These measures include, in particular, strict internal control of information collecting and processing mechanisms, security measures including proper encryption and physical data protection measures preventing unauthorized access to personal information storage systems.

  7. Final Provisions

    7.1. This Policy, relations between the User and the Administration arisen out of it, as well as issues not regulated by this Policy are regulated by applicable Russian Federation legislation.

    7.2. Users may forward requests, suggestions or any questions regarding this Policy to the Administration by using Customer Support Service at

    7.3. Current version of this Policy is posted on the Administration maintained web page that can be located on the Internet at