How to add WhatsApp number

With Deskun, you can easily link a WhatsApp number to receive and process customer messages. Everything is done within a single interface.

To add a WhatsApp channel to Deskun, access the Control Panel. Within an already existing project, click "Add channel". Select the"Chat and messengers" as the channel type.

Specify the channel name, and select "WhatsApp".

Choose the phone code, enter the phone number and click "Confirm access". Then specify a 6-digit confirmation code that you'll receive by SMS. If you have received the code before, click "I already have the code for this number" and then enter it.

Warning! WhatsApp can only we used on one device, so we don't recommend specifying your personal WhatsApp number.

Then add support agents (Step 3) that will process clients' messages in this channel, and complete the setup.

To remove your WhatsApp number from Deskun, click the WhatsApp icon inside the corresponding channel in your Control Panel.

In the channel editing window, click "Delete". You can change your WhatsApp number in this same window as well.