How to add Twitter account

With Deskun, you can connect a Twitter account to receive and process customer messages in a single interface.
To add a Twitter account, go to your Control Panel, and if you have already created a project, click "Add channel". Select the type "Chat and messengers".

After you specify the channel name, select the option «Twitter».

In the next window click "Link an account".

In the appearing window, enter your Twitter account username or the email address linked with it, and click "Authorize app".

Then add support agents (Step 3) that will process clients' messages on this channel, and complete the setup.

To receive messages from your clients on Twitter, don't forget to tick the "Receive Direct Messages from anyone" checkbox in the privacy and safety settings of your account.

Attention: since Twitter is not an instant messenger, updates to the chat in Gmail will come not less than once a minute.

To unlink your Twitter account from Deskun, click on the Twitter icon inside the corresponding channel in your Control Panel.

In the channel editing window, click "Delete". Also in this window, you can link a new Twitter account with Deskun.