How to add Telegram bot

With Deskun, you can connect a Telegram bot to receive and process customer messages in a single interface.
To add a Telegram bot, go to your Control Panel, and if you have already created a project, click "Add channel". Select the type "Chat and messengers".

After you specify the channel name, select the option «Telegram».

Enter the 45-digit Telegram bot token and click "Confirm access".

Then add support agents (Step 3) that will process clients' messages on this channel, and complete the setup.

To unlink a Telegram bot from Deskun, click on the Telegram icon inside the corresponding channel in your Control Panel.

In the channel editing window, click "Delete". Also in this window, you can change your Telegram bot token.

How to create a bot in Telegram?

  1. Open the mobile or desktop Telegram app.
  2. Add the @BotFather account.
  3. Send the message '/newbot' and follow the simple instructions.
  4. After the creating of the bot, you will receive a message with 45-digit bot token. Copy it and link the bot to Deskun, following the instructions above.