How to set up a Skype bot

With Deskun, you can easily set up a custom Skype bot to receive and process customer messages. Everything is done within a single interface.

To add a Skype bot to Deskun, access the Control Panel. Within an already existing project, click "Add channel". Select the"Chat and messengers" as the channel type.

Specify the channel name, and select "Skype".

Enter your Skype bot ID and the secret key (password) and click "Confirm access".

Then add support agents (Step 3) that will process clients' messages in this channel, and complete the setup.

To remove your Skype bot from Deskun, click the Skype icon inside the corresponding channel in your Control Panel.

In the channel editing window, click "Delete". You can change your Skype bot ID and secret key in this same window as well.

How to create a Skype bot?

  1. Register an account on
  2. Go to and log in.
  3. Register a new bot. In the Messaging endpoint field, specify On the same page, register your bot on Microsoft (click on "Create Microsoft App ID and password") – the bot will be assigned an ID and a password. Copy and save them separately. Complete the bot creation.
  4. On go to the Channels tab, select Skype and click Edit. Select the "Publish" tab, fill in the required fields and send it to the publication. Thus you will remove the 100 contacts limit.
  5. Copy the received bot ID and secret key (password) and connect the bot to Deskun, following the instructions above.