How to add a Facebook page

With Deskun, you can connect a Facebook page to receive and process customer messages in a single interface.
To add a Facebook channel, go to your Control Panel, and if you have already created a project, click "Add channel". Select the type "Chat and messengers".

After you specify the channel name, select the option «Facebook».

If you are not logged into Facebook, log in with an account. You will need administrator rights on the page you are adding. To do this, click the "Log In" button.

Following successful authorization, select the desired Facebook page from the list and click the "Link" button. That page will be connected to Deskun automatically.

Then add support agents (Step 3) that will process clients' messages on this channel, and complete the setup.

To link a new Facebook page to the current channel, open the channel editing page. You can relink a page, link a new one or delete the channel.