How to add chat widget to your website

Adding a chat widget

With Deskun, you can add online chat widget to your website, in order to receive and process clients' messages in a single interface.
To add a chat widget go to Deskun Control Panel, and if have you already created a project, click "Add channel". Select the type "Chat and messengers".

After you specify the name of the channel, select the type "Chat widget" (Step 2). In the appearing window, configure the following settings:

  • Language – choose the widget language. It can be auto detected by page code or browser language or set to English / Russian. Automatic detection by page language is based on the <html> tag with the lang attribute in the code of the page with the widget. Automatic detection by browser language is based on the language settings of your client's browser.
  • Auto open after – specify the time after that the chat will show up for a new client on your site. You can disable an auto opening.
  • Email for offline messages – specify the email address for receiving clients' messages when operators are offline. You can enter an address linked with Deskun email channel, or any other address.
  • Welcome message specify the text of the message that will be sent to a client when the chat is opened automatically.
  • Widget position select the position of the chat on your site.

In Deskun, there are several predefined color themes for the chat widget available. Also, you can manually set the color of the widget's header and background, messages from support agents and messages from clients.

Copy the integration code for your website and click "Next". Invite support agents who will process customer requests in the chat by specifying their Gmail or G Suite accounts, and click "Complete".

Insert the integration code into the HTML code of all pages on your site, and we recommend to place it before the </head> tag. If you use a CMS (site management system, for example, WordPress), then you only need to paste the code one time to the template file, which is responsible for generating the page header.

Editing and deleting the widget

To edit the chat widget parameters, click on the chat icon inside the corresponding channel in your Control Panel.

In the editing window, you can change its parameters. In the "General settings" tab you can change widget's language by default, auto opening time and email address for offline messages. In the "Text" tab you can change the minimized widget prompt and welcome message for customers. Paying Deskun users have an option to hide the "Chat provided by" line.

In the "Style" tab you can change widget position on the page and its color theme. After clicking the "Save" button settings are applied to the widget automatically.

To delete the chat channel, click "Delete" in the channel editing window, and don't forget to remove the widget HTML-code from all pages of your website.