How to add a chat block to Gmail

With Deskun you can process clients' messages from the live chat on your website and various instant messengers inside Gmail interface.
To add a chat block to Gmail, go to Control Panel, create a new project (if you don't have projects yet), click "Add channel" and select "Chat and messengers" option.

Specify the unique name of the channel, and then select the first channel you want to add. If you choose one of the messengers, confirm access to it, invite support agents and complete the setup. If you choose chat widget, configure its settings (auto open, welcome message, etc.), copy and add HTML code to your site, invite support agents and complete the setup. The first added channel will look in your Control Panel like this:

If you want to process messages from online chat and various messengers in one window, click "Add chat or messenger" ( or ) next to the created channel. You can add all available messengers to one channel.

If you need to add a separate chat block – for example, to process messages from each messenger in a separate window, then open the Control Panel and click "Add channel", and follow the instructions above. The created chat blocks will appear in Gmail like this:

In terms of Deskun pricing, it makes no difference whether you create several "Chat and messengers" channels, or add different messengers in one channel. Such opportunities were created only for your convenience. For example, you can create one channel for technical support, invite support agents and add channels such as chat widget and Skype. And in another channel, you can add messengers like Facebook and Viber, and invite your sales specialists there.