How to track if your email or ticket has been read

Deskun enables you to track if your ticket or email has been read by the recipient. With its help, you can find out whether the recipient has read your email or not. If it's been read, the system will display the date and time of reading.

Email tracking feature is active for messages and tickets by default. In Deskun Control Panel ("Settings" – "General" tab, "Track outgoing mail" setting) it's set to "Track and don't notify". You can enable pop-up notifications ("Track and notify"), or turn off email tracking.

There are two pages in "Sent" folder for "Read" and "Unread" emails with enabled mailtracking.


Email tracking with notifications

If tracking with notification is enabled, you will receive a pop-up notification with the time and date of reading the message by the recipient. It will appear in the bottom right corner of your Gmail window.

You can also enable tracking with notification when composing a new email. Find the eye icon () in the toolbar and click on it, in the appearing window select "Track and notify".

Along with a pop-up notification, you will receive a notification in your event feed.

Email tracking without notifications

If you have set email tracking without notifications, you'll have to manually check out sent email's statuses. A status icon is located to the left of the email subject:

Once the email is read, the icon turns green. The information on reading time and date appears when you hover over the icon.

If you send a message to multiple recipients, Deskun will show the fact and time of reading this message by each recipient. You can see this information by hovering over the eye icon () in the opened email.

To send an email without tracking, create a new email by clicking "Compose" button in Gmail. Find the eye icon () in the toolbar and click on it, in the appearing window select "Don't track". The icon will turn gray, tracking is disabled.