How to set up Snooze for an email

With Deskun, you can use the Snooze feature for emails. It is necessary in order to "put an email to sleep" for a certain time, after which it will appear in the "Inbox" as unread. Thus you can remind yourself of important messages or tasks that you have already read, but you can't react to right away.

How to apply Snooze (reminder) for emails

1. Through the list of emails. Right-click on the Deskun icon to the left of the email () and select "Snooze." Then you can select the number of minutes, hours, days or weeks on which you can apply Snooze to the email or you can specify a specific time and date.

2. You can also apply Snooze when reading a message or thread. To do this, open the email or thread and click the Snooze () button at the top.

3. In addition, you can add Snooze when composing an email. To do this, find the Snooze icon in the toolbar () and set the time at which you want to be reminded of it. When you are done with composing, click "Send and snooze".

The Snooze feature can be applied to any emails. Also, you can specify in which case you need to recall the email: always, if no reply, or if not opened.

After Snooze is applied, the message will go to "Deskun: Snooze" folder. The list of emails will show information about the time at which the email will remind of itself.

When the date and time of the reminder comes, the email will appear again in the "Inbox" folder as unread.
While the message is in the "Deskun: Snooze" folder, you can change the reminder time, or reset it.
To remove Snooze from an email, go to "Deskun: Snooze" folder, click on the Deskun () icon next to the email subject and select "Snooze". In the appeared window click "Reset".