How to set up Send later

To set up the Send later function when composing or responding to an email you need to click the Clock icon (). Following that, you can specify the number of minutes, hours, days or weeks by which the email will be delayed; or set a specific date and time by clicking "Select date":

After the date and time are set, the Send button changes its view. Now it displays the scheduled date and time for the email to be dispatched:

Once you click this button, the email is transferred to the "Drafts" folder until the set date and time. In the list of drafts you will see the time and date your email will be sent on:

Changing or removing Send later

To change the delayed dispatch time and date or to cancel Send later, click the Deskun () icon next to the draft and select "Send later". Then either change the date and time of sending, or click "Reset".