How to use external email for customer support

You may use any external email address to support your customers. Let us consider two scenarios: one in which you create a new channel for email support and one in which you edit an existing one.

1. Creating a new channel with the Control Panel

1.1 Create a new channel in your Control Panel and select «E-mail support».

1.2 Specify the channel name, enter an email address that will process your customer requests. This address will be used as the sender address as well (Step 2).

1.3 To respond to customer requests, you need to confirm access to that email. To do that you should have the SMTP-server, port, username, and password ready. In most cases, Deskun detects SMTP-server and port automatically. If auto-detection fails, contact your email provider (Step 3).

1.4 After confirming access to the email you should set up the mail reception. There are two methods:

1.4.1 Use POP3 protocol. Gmail allows you to add additional mailboxes to your account in order to receive messages and reply to them. Setup instructions can be found here and here. It should be noted that your customer requests will come with a 5 - 60 minutes delay if you proceed in this manner. In addition, Gmail has a limit on the amount of added mailboxes.

1.4.2 Configure mail forwarding to your Gmail account linked with Deskun. You can do it in the settings of various mail servers (here are the instructions for Google, Yandex,, Yahoo, Hotmail) or in the control panels of hosts and domain registrars.

1.5 Invite support agents (your employees or colleagues processing customer requests). To work with Deskun, they must have Gmail or G Suite accounts. After you have invited some agents, click "Next" and complete the setup.

2. Manual configuration of the existing channel

2.1 Select the desired channel, click "Edit channel". In the "Mail settings" tab, specify a new email address for customer requests. To do this, you need to know the SMTP server, port, login and email password. In the same tab, specify the sender name. This is the name your customers will see.

2.2 Save the settings. Now configure mail reception from a specified external e-mail. Follow instructions in paragraph 1.4.

Example. You have registered the account, but you want to receive clients’ messages sent to Set up email forwarding from this address to through your host or registrar. All the messages will be forwarded to your Deskun account. This enables you to receive all customers requests as tickets, configure autoreply, etc.