Cookie usage policy

What are cookie files?

Cookie files are small bits of information that are saved on your computer drive by the web browser. Each time you visit our web site, your browser sends us these bits so we could tune our interface according to your preferences or automatically sign you in so you could use our services easier.

What cookie files are we using?

Cookies used in our system allow us to recignoze repeat visitors so they don't need to enter the same information over and over to sign in. Here are some cookie types used on our web site:

  • Effectiveness/analytics: Deskun collects information on our site usage by you, which pages you frequent and what errors, if any, arise. This data allows us to determine the effectiveness of provided content and find ways to improve it.
  • Functionality/preferences: Deskun uses cookie files to memorize things like preferred language, connectivity and display preferences etc.
  • Authentication: Deskun uses cookie files to recognize you after signing in to the Service web site:
  • Security: Deskun uses cookie files to support security providing and malicious activity detection mechanisms.

Third party cookies

We don't collect or access third party cookies in any way.

Changing cookie settings

Almost all web browsers allow you to delete existing cookie files, block them outright or ask before saving them.

What happens if cookies are disabled?

If you disable saving cookies or delete existing ones, your ability to set or retain service preferences such as interface settings could be severely limited.