There are several types of notifications in Deskun to help you notice all new customer requests and quickly react to them. Notifications are sent to channel owners and agents subscribed to the channel.

Types of notifications in Deskun

1. Next to the channel list

Red number shows a number of new tickets and changes in tickets (e.g. reply from a client, deadline and status change), and the number to the left of the channel name is the total amount of open tickets in it. You can hide the number of open tickets with a setting in your Control Panel. Open the tab “Settings” – “Interface” – “Open ticket counter” and move the slider to the left.  

2. In your event feed at the top right corner

Notifications on new tickets come to everyone, and notifications about changes in tickets come to the channel owner and ticket assignee. If a ticket is not assigned to anyone, then all agents in the channel will receive its notifications. 

You can also turn these notifications off in Control Panel. Open the tab “Settings” – “Notifications”. You can turn off all notifications in event feed, or choose specific ones to disable (new tickets, ticket replies, ticket properties changes). To turn them off, move the slider to the left.

When you open the event feed, all notifications will be automatically read. You can disable auto-read through the settings in the Control Panel. Open the tab “Settings” – “Notifications” – “Leave as unread” and move the slider to the right.

To read all notifications, you can click the "Mark all as read" button.

3. “NEW” mark in the ticket list

You can unmark it in ticket context menu by choosing “Mark as read”.

4. Next to Deskun icon in the browser toolbar

These notifications are displayed if a Gmail page is opened in your browser. The number next to Deskun icon shows the number of new tickets and changes in the tickets.

5. Pop-up notifications 

There are pop-up notifications in Deskun. They duplicate the event feed notifications. 

6. Notifications in chat 

Notifications of new dialogs come to all agents with online status. If the agent took a dialog, subsequent notifications of new messages in this dialog will only come to him.

There are pop-up notifications with message previews. Such notifications are shown in the bottom right corner of Gmail if the agent doesn't have the chat window opened when the message arrives. All agents receive notifications of the new dialogues. If you take the dialogue, you will receive notifications of new messages in it.

There are also sound notifications in Deskun. They are sent accordingly to the settings in your event feed (see paragraph 2). They are turned off by default. To turn them on, open the tab “Settings” – “Notifications” in your Control Panel, and move the slider to the right.


You can also subscribe or unsubscribe to notifications related to a certain ticket.