In Deskun you can set up shortcuts for faster plugin interaction.

To set hotkeys, click the Deskun () button at Google Chrome browser top panel. In the drop down box pick "Shortcuts."

You will be directed to the extensions page in your browser settings. In "Keyboard shortcuts for Extensions and Apps" you can set hotkeys to activate the extension, access the next or the previous ticket, close current ticket, create a new ticket, snooze current ticket or remove current ticket.

All shortcuts must include a modifier key (Ctrl, Ctrl + Shift, Alt, or Alt + Shift for Windows; Command, Command + Shift, Alt, or Alt + Shift for Mac).

When setting up shortcuts, take into account that if you specify a standard shortcut, for example, Ctrl + C, Deskun hotkey will work instead of copying to the clipboard function.

We recommend the following shortcuts: