How do I get started with Deskun?

Install Google Chrome and get the Deskun Plugin here.


What are the browsers I can use?

Google Chrome and Yandex Browser both fully support Deskun.


I don't have a Gmail account. Can I still use Deskun?

Unfortunately not, support for other mail services is currently unavailable. Be sure to raise this question with our support desk. We will provide make Deskun compatible with other browsers if there is sufficient demand for it.


How can I pay for Deskun?

At the moment we accept Visa and Master Card credit cards, PayPal, WebMoney, QIWI, and Yandex.Money. We can only issue payment invoices to legal entities registered in the Russian Federation.


Can I use Deskun via G Suite?

Yes, you can give it a try right now.


Can I use Deskun via Google Inbox?

No, Deskun doesn't work with Google Inbox.


What languages does Deskun support?

At the moment, the Deskun plugin is available in Russian, English, and Dutch. The Control Panel is available only in English and.


I prefer to use a conventional mail client. Can I still access Deskun?

You can view all the tickets and respond to them. Full functionality is only accessible via the browser plugin right now.


Can I set up customer support via corporate email?

Yes, you can. You need a Gmail mailbox linked with Deskun. To add an external mailbox to this setup, follow the instructions here.


What messengers are available for customer support in Deskun?

At the moment, we provide support for Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype, Telegram, Viber, as well as the online chat widget.


Will I receive messages from social media and messengers as emails?

No, with Deskun you will receive them as messages in a separate chat window inside your Gmail.


Can I remove "Chat provided by" from a live chat widget?

Yes, you can do that if you use paid pricing plan (i.e. you have paid for additional support agents or additional channels. Activate the setting "Hide "Chat provided by" in your Control Panel


I've deleted the plugin, but Deskun labels still appear in Gmail. What can I do?

To uninstall Deskun completely, follow the instructions here.