Mail tracking
Stay informed on who reads your messages and when

In business correspondence it's important to know whether (and when) your message was read. There is a number of reasons it may be important — for example, the message may be lost, ignored, end up in a spam folder etc. Many services provide mail tracking but most of them are either strictly subscription-based or very limited.

Deskun users can use this feature by default completely free of charge.

Install Deskun and start tracking your mail

Mail tracking is enabled for each Deskun user by default. To disable the option, just click  in the bottom toolbar of the compose form. When this button is grey, tracking is disabled.

Afterwards, open the «Sent» folder. There will be a tracking status icon near the message you just sent. If it's gray , the message has not been read by anyone. If the icon is green , at least one recipient has opened it.

Hovering over the icon allows you to see when exactly the message has been read.
If you open the message thread and hover over the tracking icon , you can see detailed information on who exactly has read this message (in case of several recipients) and when.