all over the place?
Unable to control
your staff?
Years to answer
your clients?

Fed up?
We've got the solution!
Manage your projects and tasks, support your customers with no unnecessary interfaces — everything can be managed via Gmail.
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Easy integration
Enjoy full functionality
via a browser plugin
Project management
Add projects, create queues, set tasks, delegate responsibilities and control ways things roll out.
Customer support
...made intuitive: select queues, bind them to e-mails, monitor your replies.
Organise task and ticket queues in an intuitive manner.
Easy way to distribute tasks among employees, set deadlines and follow up your staff performance.
Assign responsibilities to different teams.
Routine Automation
Enjoy a whole set of auto-replies and filters for incoming e-mails.
Exchange internal information within a ticket.
Flexible access rights
Staff members are automatically granted access only to projects and queues they need.
Follow up tickets and letters with our integrated alarms.
Delayed messaging
Send out correspondence at set timepoints.
Read tracking
Now you can easily find out if your customer has read a letter or ticket you’ve sent.
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