Main features

Customer support

Email support

Process requests from any email address by connecting other services to your Gmail account.

Ticket queues

Turn customer messages into tickets and enjoy easy monitoring of query completion.

Live chat setup

Set up a customizable live chat system on your website and respond live from Gmail.


Set up automated response templates and let your clients know right away that you're on it.

Messenger integration

Link any number of messengers to Gmail. Any message you receive will show up in your mailbox.

Shared mailbox

Agents may share the same dedicated mailbox and use it to respond to customer requests.

Ticket Management

Ticket locking

If an agent has already picked a ticket up, it becomes locked for other agents.

Group management

Change priorities, set deadlines, re-delegate and close multiple tickets at once.


Snooze important messages and Deskun will remind you of them at a set time.

Filter and search

We implemented advanced search for messages and tickets. Now you can find what you want in two clicks.


Leave internal notes for the agents directly in the customer request thread.

Message templates

Create custom templates to use in common responses. You can even share them with your team.

Workflow management

Ticket history

Easily monitor ticket-related activity history right from the ticket message thread.

Mail tracking

Deskun can quickly tell you when your message has been read.

Flexible access rights

Assign agents to specific projects and manage their access rights to projects, folders and communication channels.

Task assignment

Assign tasks and tickets to several agents to concentrate your resources on most important requests.


Prioritise important tickets first,
sort and filter by priority.

Send later

Choose any time and date - great for newsletters, reports and more!

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