Deskun provides simple and easy to use functions that allow you to organize
both customer support and task management.
Message templates
Create message templates and use them to compose new emails, conduct business correspondence or answer clients requests.
Ticket lock
To avoid the situation when two agents simultaneously answer one request, Deskun provides automatic ticket lock. If one agent started to respond to a request, the opportunity to reply to it would be blocked for other agents.
Adding an external e-mail
Receive and process client requests from external email. All you need to do is connect any external e-mail to your Deskun account.
Organise task- and ticket-queues in an intuitive manner: assign priorities and control completion speed.
Assign responsibilities to teams, set deadlines and monitor their performance.
Bring your staff together into teams for efficient responsibility distribution.
Routine automation
Enjoy a whole set of automated standard replies and filters for incoming e-mails. Includes automatic notification of ticket status for your customers.
Exchange internal information within a ticket in comfortable privacy.
Flexible access rights
Staff members are automatically granted access only to projects and queues they work on. But Deskun is flexible: tweak and twist access rights to serve your current purposes!
Follow up tickets and letters with our integrated reminder system: close and re-open tickets and keep on top of things with easy to set up multi-purpose alarms.
Send later
Automatically send correspondence when it has to be sent. Made easy with Deskun.
Mail tracking
Now you can easily find out if your customer or staff member has read a letter or a ticket you have sent.