05.08.2016   08:01    Project news
New Deskun user tutorial

Our team daily treads the path of further improving Deskun user experience. We have recently implemented a new user introduction that helps make your first steps with Deskun as smooth as possible.

You may enable the "Show tour after load" option in the Settings section of your account. That's it. Next time you access your Gmail account, you will see a tutorial on using the various features of Deskun. New users will have this option switched on by default.

Any questions or grievances about the tutorial can be expressed here. Our quick response team will find the right solution for you. We value your opinion and all your questions are seriously considered and promptly answered.

13.05.2017   08:36    Deskun updates
New version

20.03.2017   22:59    Deskun updates
New version