30.06.2017   14:33    Project news

Deskun Launches a New Multichannel Help Desk Integrated with Gmail

We have been working hard for a few months, and now we are happy to introduce a large Deskun update. From today onward Deskun processes messages from multiple customer communication channels. Instant messengers, live chats, and emails can now be interacted with using only the Gmail UI.

  • Live chat widget. You can add a live chat widget to your website, customize its appearance and layout on the page. Your agents will chat directly from within Gmail.
  • Messengers. Deskun can now interact with popular instant messengers, where your customers can reach you: communities on Facebook, Twitter accounts, Telegram, Viber, and Skype bots. Customers contact you via their favorite messenger, and you respond to them from your Gmail account. No need to go live on Facebook anymore.

Learn how to connect messengers and set up a live chat for your website in the "Chats and Messengers" section on our Help page.

Due to significant changes in the system, we have altered some other things:

  • "Queues" are now called "channels".
  • Monthly prices are now shaped somewhat differently. We offed the unnecessarily complicated old system of agents, projects, and queues. Now you simply pay for the necessary number of agents ($2.99 per month) and channels ($1.99 per month). One support agent and one channel are forever free. Now you can quickly calculate your monthly budget using our detailed calculator. Monthly payments to Deskun are hence slightly increased on average. This change was necessary to ensure the high support and core code quality offered at the lowest price on the help desk market.

Deskun updates automatically, you don't need to worry about extra downloads of any sort. How to update Deskun manually.

We hope you will enjoy all new advantages the new update brings with it!