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5 reasons to use Gmail for business and work

When starting a new business, one of the first things to consider is what email service to choose for communication with customers and employees. When we created Deskun for specific internal needs of the company, all our employees used Gmail, so we decided to develop a ticket system based on this mail service.

We’d like to encourage other new businesses and startups to use Gmail as their primary email tool for business and work, and here are a few reasons.


  1. Powerful spam filters. Gmail is made to block and detect most of the suspicious or malicious messages before they even reach your Spam folder, let alone the Primary tab. Less spam in a mailbox means the better focus on work and more attention to what is really important. Not to mention that you'll be protected from emails with viruses designed to steal data. For a personal account that might be not so critical, but for a business account it can cause material losses and undermine reputation.
  2. More than just email. Gmail can contribute greatly to productivity. This is a universal tool for communication on job: in addition to email, there is instant messaging (IM), voice chat, and video chat.Google Drive enables you to share Spreadsheets and Documents from any device connected to Internet (with no effort). And Google Calendar will help you schedule important meetings and workshops.
  3. Ability to manage multiple mailboxes. You can easily switch between several email addresses with Gmail Labs “Multiple Inboxes” feature. Thus it’s easier to combine work and personal business accounts.
  4. Top-notch email features. There are many useful functions in Gmail, and many of them are probably the subject of a special blog post. We’d focus on the following: you can use an advanced search feature for emails, documents, and labels. Also, there are built-in canned responses, Undo send feature and the option to work with Gmail offline. For those who lack extra Gmail functions, there comes Deskun extension. Deskun enables to use free features of schedule sending, email tracking, message templates and email reminders (snooze). You can find out more here.
  5. Task management and customer support. More than 70%* of clients and employees still prefer email for business communications. If you use Gmail for business, you can launch customer support system or manage tasks inside familiar interface using Deskun.


Of course, Gmail has its weak points. For example, once there was an issue when 500,000 users lost access to their accounts, and not all of them were recovered. Also, most Gmail applications (Spreadsheets, Docs, Calendar) require online access. Sudden problems with Internet connection might interfere with your regular workflow.


Anyway, there are advantages matter much more, especially when using G Suite. 3 million companies** worldwide already use it for their corporate email. Unlike regular Gmail users, G Suite users are granted access to the features as follows: grouping email addresses, unlimited aliases (you can save a lot on them), 30 GB of cloud storage, a branded interface, and 24/7 customer support.


*Adestra: Consumer Usage and Digital Adoption

**Sundar Pichai, Google

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