24.06.2017   03:49    Project Management

How to supercharge Gmail for free: 4 Deskun features

We are going to tell you about four free Deskun features that enhance Gmail standard functionality. These are email tracking, message templates, email scheduling, and snoozing (reminders). These functions automate routine processes. Get great time value for no money!

1. Mailtracking

This is likely the most sought after feature missing in Gmail. With Deskun, mailtracking is enabled for all outgoing messages by default.

To check if an email has been read by the addressee, have a look at the "Sent" folder and find the eye icon next to the email. If the email has been opened, the icon is green. The icon is grey otherwise. The icon can be seen in an open message as well. When hovering over it, you can see the date and time the message was first read.

There are two new tabs in your "Sent" folder: one for read and one for unread messages.

2. Send later

This feature will help people who often work late, but consider it bad manners to send work-related emails after hours. With Deskun, you can compose an email and schedule it to be sent later at a desired time. "Later" is anything from 5 minutes to years (currently you still cannot send letters into the past - but, hey, who knows what comes next?). To use Send later, click the green clock icon on the message toolbar and specify desired time and date. After you click "Send", the email lands in "Drafts". In there you can edit it, change the time of sending or delete it altogether.


3. Snooze

The "Snooze" feature will be helpful if you have a large inflow of mail. How does it work? Select any email, attach the snooze timer to it, and following the specified time period it will appear in your inbox as unread. To use this function, click the Deskun icon next to the email, select "Snooze", and set the desired date and time. The email can then be found in the "Deskun: Snooze" folder up until "waking up".

As an example, you need to get back to an important message from your client later, but you don’t want to lose it in a crowded inbox. Put down your pen and your sticky notes. Simply snooze the email; and after the specified time it will remind you of itself. The feature works for outgoing letters too. When composing an email, click the orange "Snooze" icon on the toolbar and choose when you want to be reminded of it.

You can even add optional conditions for un-snoozing the message:

  • If not opened
  • If no reply
  • Always


4. Message templates

Message templates will be useful for processing your business and personal correspondence. You can create customer service or business proposal templates. The templates are created in the Deskun Control Panel under the "Message templates" tab.

To quickly access the template, click on the envelope icon on the toolbar and select the desired one from the list. The text will be loaded into the email body. You can customize it as you see fit. Using templates saves time (and energy)!


All these features of Deskun are available to you free of charge and without limitations. You can use them either within the larger suite of tools offered by Deskun; or simply on their own; and enjoy greater productivity!