11.07.2017   04:41    Customer support

New Deskun feature: messengers for customer support

We live in the age of social media and messengers. New technologies dictate rules for good customer service. One such rule is to give customers an opportunity to contact you via their preferred communication channel.

Deskun makes it possible to concentrate the messages from various social networks and instant messengers in one place – your Gmail account. Right now Deskun supports Facebook, Telegram, Viber, Skype, Twitter and Vk.com. WhatsApp and Instagram support is coming soon.

Instead of switching between tabs and multiple apps, simply crack open the Deskun Control Panel, create a project, add the “Chat and messengers” channel, and link the necessary social media and messenger accounts. Deskun will put all the messages and comments from your customers together: you will find them in a chat window inside Gmail.

Dialogues from different messengers in one window.

There are some new handy features for efficient processing of conversations, such as: message templates for quick replies, sound notifications, notes for “behind the scenes” collaboration, assignment of conversations to a particular agent and manual client blocking.

Learn more about working with conversations using Deskun here.