06.07.2017   08:32    Customer support

Deskun implements live chat widgets for your convenience!

Live chat is one of the most useful communication tools for businesses nowadays. According to statistics*, 58% of customers prefer to contact companies via an online chat. From now on, Deskun can add live chat widget to your website and work with clients’ messages inside the Gmail interface.

You can set the theme, color and location of the widget. Simply add the HTML-snippet for the live chat to multiple pages to have it displayed there.

Deskun provides you with automation options, such as automated chat opening and greeting messages to website visitors. Customize the way you treat customers! Let Deskun address your visitors formally or with that little pinch of good-spirited humor.

Your agents can easily chat with customers from within Gmail. Deskun ensures efficient processing of chat messages. Following features make this possible:

  • messages templates for quick replies
  • internal notes that are visible only to agents
  • assignment of tasks to particular agents
  • protection against spammers by manual spammer blocking
  • sound notifications
  • and much more

Learn more about processing live chat threads here.

*Forrester: Chat - Core To The Promise Of Effortless Service