22.06.2017   06:27    Deskun updates

New version

Our team incessantly improves Deskun and churns out updates. We strive to fix identified bugs on the spot and add new features for our users.

The last Deskun update ( includes the following changes:

  • New feature: "Watch". You can "watch" a ticket and receive notifications related to it. Alternatively, you can unsubscribe from notifications related to a certain ticket.
  • When processing clients’ emails in queues without attached mailboxes, agents are no longer included in To: or Cc: fields.
  • Resolved style conflicts between Deskun and Keeping extensions.
  • Fixed issue with Deskun performance for Windows XP OS under Chrome 49 (it is however recommended to upgrade the OS to the latest version or use Yandex.Browser instead).
  • Fixed more bugs and improved overall stability.

Deskun updates automatically — you don't need to worry about extra downloads of any sort