13.07.2016   11:35    Deskun updates

New version

Our team works on Deskun improvements and updates non-stop. We push for fixing all bugs identified on the spot and adding new and useful features. Current Deskun update includes the following changes:

  • All plugin popups are modified to conventional Gmail interface to improve user experience.
  • When creating a ticket from an email you can set such attributes as priority, choosing responsible agent, deadline.
  • Calendar closing error when selecting exact date was rectified.
  • Now when you read a ticket and a new action is applied to the one the Notification counter value is subtracted.
  • Now when creating a filter you can enter your queue inbox not loosing entered data in its creation form.
  • You can leave a note when forwarding your ticket from one queue to another.
  • Functions to leave a project/queue were added.