10.11.2016   11:20    Deskun updates

New version

Our team works on Deskun improvements and updates non-stop. We push for fixing all bugs identified on the spot and adding new features for our users.

Current Deskun update ( includes the following changes:

  • Recipient lists for tickets reworked. Now there's a consistent list for every ticket which you can alter at any time. "To:" field presentation is more helpful now.
  • Application icon added in the upper right corner of the browser window. The icon displays unread ticket changes counter if at least one Gmail tab is open.
  • Hotkey support added. You can assign hotkeys using the application icon mentioned above.
  • When resizing the window, ticket list is automatically altered to more compact or more detailed form.
  • In preview pane mode tracking icons and snooze/later labels no longer flicker while browsing threads.
  • Search has been separated from filters in ticket list.
  • You can now select multiple tickets in ticket list with a SHIFT button.
  • Some minor interface bugfixes and QoL changes.
  • Sending messages from external mailboxes is more intutive now. Current thread is being automatically refreshed after sending so you can see the sent message without delay.

Deskun updates automatically - you don't need to worry about extra downloads of any sort.