14.09.2017   22:19    Project Management

One productivity advice that will make you happier

Many of us fall into a mental trap of forgetting how productive we really are. And sometimes the huge amount of tasks we have performed during a day seems insignificant. We regret that we did not do enough and could have done more. The fuller our day is various activities, the harder it is to define, what exactly we have accomplished.

Entrepreneurs and top managers are more likely to fall into this trap. Especially given the anxiety and burden of responsibility that weigh heavily on their shoulders. Ambitious people tend to value themselves accordingly to the progress towards certain goals. They often neglect small but important victories they make every single day.

Everyone has been in this situation: you are doing lots of work, making phone calls, replying to emails and don’t even have time to grab a bite. You get home completely exhausted and wonder: “What the hell have I actually done today?”. To avoid this trap, you have to learn one simple method. It’s called the done list. In fact, it’s the opposite of the todo list.

The method is really simple. You write down every useful thing you accomplish, even if it seems negligible at first. E.g. “Finally replied to client A emails”, “Drafted a post blog”, “Made an important phone call with partner B”. At the end of the day, take a look at this list. You will be amazed by how much you have actually done. It’s much better than going through your daily checklist and regretting the tasks you did not do. The done list will give you pride and relief instead of frustration and devastation.

Find your small wins. Make it your daily habit, and you will realize, how important and valuable it is to mark down the “insignificant” accomplishments. A road to big achievements is full with obstacles, and not everyone is courageous, strong and successful enough to make it to the end. If you if you don’t recognize and celebrate your small achievements, you will lose heart. Don’t sit and wait for major milestones. The amazing little triumphs are happening to you every day. Create the done list, and it will invigorate and strengthen you to accomplish great things.

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