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25.09.2017   22:05   Project news
New version

Our team works on Deskun improvements and updates non-stop. We push for fixing all bugs identified on the spot and adding new features for our users.

Current Deskun update ( includes the following changes:

  • Plugin load time has been greatly reduced.
  • Now you can move multiple tickets to another channel at once.
  • New feature – message tracking notifications. You set up notifications in your Control Panel, or for an individual message before sending it.
  • Improved chat channel navigation.
  • Now it's possible to change a ticket's owner. They will receive all notifications related to the ticket.
  • System notifications now have their own unique look and place. New chat messages are now also displayed as notifications.
  • Fixed several minor bugs and improved overall system stability.

Deskun updates automatically, you don't need to worry about extra downloads of any sort.

01.09.2017   18:04   Project news
Deskun wins two help desk software awards from FinancesOnline

Great news folks! Deskun just leveled up after going through the review and rankings of trusted B2B directory, giving our software a score of 8.0 out of 10 and a perfect user satisfaction rating of 100%. Reviewers cited how our multichannel help desk solution is able to help companies and organizations deliver high-quality communication and customer service to clients via email, live chat, social messengers, all within the familiar Gmail interface.

The operation is straightforward. From Gmail, your agents are able to streamline communications with clients and deliver top level support regarding customer issues and queries. Deskun combines multiple customer support channels within the Gmail interface to provide better and faster support provision and at the same time manage the tasks of support teams. Such convenience and capabilities got the thumbs up of FinancesOnline, conferring on Deskun its 2017 Rising Star Award and Great User Experience Award for online help desk software. It was also mentioned in their guide to help desk software among other popular solutions of this kind. The awards are prestigious symbols of merit for products that carry outstanding features and have gained traction with customers for their total usability. We are grateful for the recognition that proves Deskun is performing well and helping its users.

The accolades, however, didn’t stop there. FinancesOnline’s dynamic algorithmic scoring and rating, coupled with the awards, pushed Deskun’s overall ranking. It is even mentioned on the platform’s list of best Zendesk alternatives, joining other long-time, big-name help desk software products. All these achievements we share with our users who have put their trust in Deskun to automate and simplify tasks relating to customer service and communication support. We are more than thrilled that we got the approving nods of both our users and industry experts.

30.06.2017   14:33   Project news
Deskun Launches a New Multichannel Help Desk Integrated with Gmail

We have been working hard for a few months, and now we are happy to introduce a large Deskun update. From today onward Deskun processes messages from multiple customer communication channels. Instant messengers, live chats, and emails can now be interacted with using only the Gmail UI.

  • Live chat widget. You can add a live chat widget to your website, customize its appearance and layout on the page. Your agents will chat directly from within Gmail.
  • Messengers. Deskun can now interact with popular instant messengers, where your customers can reach you: communities on Facebook, Twitter accounts, Telegram, Viber, and Skype bots. Customers contact you via their favorite messenger, and you respond to them from your Gmail account. No need to go live on Facebook anymore.

Learn how to connect messengers and set up a live chat for your website in the "Chats and Messengers" section on our Help page.

Due to significant changes in the system, we have altered some other things:

  • "Queues" are now called "channels".
  • Monthly prices are now shaped somewhat differently. We offed the unnecessarily complicated old system of agents, projects, and queues. Now you simply pay for the necessary number of agents ($2.99 per month) and channels ($1.99 per month). One support agent and one channel are forever free. Now you can quickly calculate your monthly budget using our detailed calculator. Monthly payments to Deskun are hence slightly increased on average. This change was necessary to ensure the high support and core code quality offered at the lowest price on the help desk market.

Deskun updates automatically, you don't need to worry about extra downloads of any sort. How to update Deskun manually.

We hope you will enjoy all new advantages the new update brings with it!

11.06.2017   12:23   Project news
How to measure customer happiness

There are lots of digital tools at the disposal of customer support departments. These serve to automate workflow as well as to precisely evaluate the quality of provided support.

Companies with a large flow of incoming requests have generally accepted KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for support teams:

  • Initial response speed
  • Average resolution time
  • Number of processed tickets by the period
  • Successfully resolved tickets
  • Tickets resolved by priority
  • Customer complaints against an agent
  • Individual customer service rating

Helpdesk solutions with built-in analytics can measure the average response time or the number of handled tickets per day, but these data do not answer the central question: Is your customer really happy? In the pursuit of the best scores, there is a risk to neglect the true customer concerns. In this article, we decided to gather the most important indicators that affect the client's happiness.



One of the most important metrics is how fast you react to new requests and how quickly you resolve them. According to research, 45% of users will cancel an online purchase if their question or comment is not handled promptly. For different communication channels, there is a different expected response time:

  • For a phone call: 53% of customers expect an answer within 3 minutes.
  • For email: the maximum allowed response time is 24-48 hours.
  • For social networks: 42% of users expect a reply within an hour, 32% – within 30 minutes.

It is social media where response speed matters the most. Just let it sink in: customers are willing to pay up to 40% more to companies that respond in time on social media. We can tell from personal experience: if you mention a big company (e.g. your bank) in an angry tweet, they are likely to respond in 5 minutes, while you will be waiting for free operators on the line for hours. Failure to respond on social networks is unforgivable – it causes up to 15% of customers to leave said business, as the ruthless statistic claims.



If the response speed can be measured quite accurately, the individual customer service rating is volatile and unstable. Studies confirm that response speed is not customers highest priority. It is much more important to be human and show empathy. If the client has a problem, listen to them carefully. Try to make your response more personal, speak the human language instead of template phrases, and you’ll have more chances to satisfy your customer. If the speedy support increases customer satisfaction sixfold, empathetic support does so ninefold.

Customer service rating is also based on how easy it is to get the help from the company. 55% of customers acknowledge that the easier it is to get support from the brand, the more likely they will fall in love with it. Want loyal customers? Make their lives easier. One of the first steps of building loyalty is to reduce the number of unnecessary actions for your clients. And the more channels of communication you provide to customers, the better for you. For example, today 58% of users want to contact support services via online chat. And 91% would rather use the knowledge base before contacting technical support.



The percentage of successfully resolved tickets directly affects customer satisfaction and your profits. Satisfied customers are likely to spread the word to their friends and colleagues. It is estimated that 1 happy customer equals 9 referral links. In addition, the probability of making money with existing customers is much greater than with new ones – 70% against 20%. Increasing the retention rate by only 5% can increase profits by 95%.

We can assure you: any of your investments in customer service will pay off in full. It was estimated that 86% of users are willing to pay more for excellent service. On average, the customer is willing to pay 2.4 times more to companies that provide top-notch service and support.



Customer complaints are an alarming signal, and it's even more serious than one might expect. As a rule, one unhappy client with a complaint means there are another 26 dissatisfied clients who remained silent. This is how we are: we share negative news and experience more willingly than positive ones. On average, 1 dissatisfied customer tells about their negative feedback to 16 people.

82% of customers stop using company products or services after a negative experience with their support team, and 59% of users would try the product of a competitor in search of better customer service. If these numbers don’t terrify you, your customer support team probably works like a charm.

One of the above-mentioned metrics is the percentage of successfully resolved tickets. It is very important. Have you successfully closed 12 tickets? Nice job. The same time and effort will be needed to make amends for only one negative incident. If you really screw up, you must apologize. In 74% of cases a sincere apology and successful problem resolution lead to customer satisfaction (2 times more so than without any apology).



Your support team also needs care! Provide support agents with all the necessary tools, spare no time for their training and preparation. The first way to enhance your support team performance is an extensive and understandable knowledge base. We already mentioned that the vast majority of users (91%) will first try to find a solution to the problem themselves. Another key to success is automation. Use automatic responses, ready-made templates that can be quickly edited and customised, automation rules, etc. Even for a small team of 3 agents, automation saves 25 business days per year. Finally, provide the right motivation. Someone likes the "carrot and stick" approach, but here is an unbiased statistic: 81% of employees are better motivated by recognition of their work and its value, while only 37% of people are driven by fear of losing a job.

Measuring the KPIs of your support team is not superfluous, but it's not worth only digesting the numbers. Encourage your team, respect your customers, and you will hit it big time with loyalty and profits.

Here is the list of sources to this article.


15.09.2016   18:31   Project news
Setup assistant in Control Panel

To make Deskun use simpler for new users, we have added a setup assistant (wizard) into our "Control Panel".

With the use of the wizard creating new projects, setting up queues, making auto replies and filters has become significantly easier. By following the wizard hints you can optimize Deskun for customer support or task management.

As an example, when creating a new project our wizard prompts you to select either "Customer Support" or "Task management" option.

You will be able to set up any Deskun project step by step and work with clients’ requests or manage tasks.

To use assistant tips, go to Deskun "Control Panel" and create a new project, following the instructions.

Install plugin

09.09.2016   11:43   Project news
Control Panel adaptive layout

We are constantly working on updates and improvements to make Deskun easier and more comfortable to use.

Today we have launched an adaptive layout for Control Panel. You can create projects and queues, add agents, edit filters and other settings using your mobile devices.

05.08.2016   14:01   Project news
New Deskun user tutorial

Our team daily treads the path of further improving Deskun user experience. We have recently implemented a new user introduction that helps make your first steps with Deskun as smooth as possible.

You may enable the "Show tour after load" option in the Settings section of your account. That's it. Next time you access your Gmail account, you will see a tutorial on using the various features of Deskun. New users will have this option switched on by default.

Any questions or grievances about the tutorial can be expressed here. Our quick response team will find the right solution for you. We value your opinion and all your questions are seriously considered and promptly answered.

18.07.2016   16:17   Project news
New pricing policy

We'd like to inform you that we have completely revised Deskun payment system. You don't need to pay for each synchronization anymore. Now it is much easier to estimate how much you or your business are going to spend for Deskun. In addition, our customers now can use major plugin functions such as Send later, Snooze, Mail tracking and Templates absolutely FREE of charge.

Interested to see new flexible rates and prices? Take a look here.

If you have any questions while using Deskun don't be shy and email our Support Team. We'll do our best to assist you in finding a solution in no time.

06.07.2016   12:23   Project news
We've got our very own blog

From now on you can access our blog at the web page. There you can see most recent news on latest updates and new features as well as find lots of useful information on ways of utilizing Deskun for your company benefit.