18.09.2017   16:10    Project Management

5 tasks every freelancer should automate

The ultimate objective of everyone freelancing is to manage their time wisely. The money making process takes a lot of time and energy. You need to finish your tasks on schedule and take care of other important things to keep your freelance business successful. You need to keep looking for clients, discuss work details with them, schedule calls, prepare invoices and much more. You are losing potential profits by spending a lot of time to accomplish these tasks. Luckily, there are many automation tools and resources to help you out.

1. Prospects search

Without new prospects and clients your freelance business will fade. But it doesn’t mean you have to open the Upwork tab and just wait for it. Use automation! There is an amazing tool for you, and it is called “Google Alerts”. Create an alert for “[niche keyword] + hiring now” or something similar. You’ll be notified of new opportunities daily or weekly based on the settings. This way you can always keep up on your prospecting.  

2. Client communication and task management

Most beginner freelancers communicate with their clients via email. It’s not a bad solution when you have a few clients and your inbox isn’t cluttered with other stuff. But let’s admit it: daily emailing routine takes a lot of time. That’s why there are many online tools that help you save time writing emails. As an example, minimalistic Deskun lets you communicate with your customers, discuss task details, share required files and much more. Within the same interface you are able to manage your tasks, create handy checklists, sort tasks by priority and deadline. Try it now!

3. Call scheduling

If you receive lots of calls from prospective employers and clients, or you often discuss project details over the phone, you’ll definitely benefit from automation. To forget about pen and paper call scheduling, try Calendly, CoconutCalendar or Appointy. WIth one of these services you will be able to indicate time periods when you can take a call. Your clients will always know when to reach you, and call scheduling won’t bother you anymore.

4. Bookkeeping

When you start your freelance business, you probably don’t have a bookkeeper at your side. As your clientele grows, you need to issue invoices, make sure they are paid and much more. Those are time consuming and decidedly not-so-fun tasks. Here comes automation! Save your time and sanity by using individual tools like QuickBooks to create invoices. Sometimes pricing is done on an hourly basis.  You can streamline the time tracking process too. Use simple tools like Toggl for high-precision automated time evaluations.

5. Social media management

Social media is a powerful source of new prospects. You need to constantly update and improve your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter; and that’s a great target for time investment. You can automate your social media management with apps like Hootsuite or Buffer. Schedule quality posts for a week ahead and you’ll be surprised with how much time it saves.

You can also use Deskun to combine all messages from prospective and existing clients alike within your Gmail. This way you’ll be sure no Whatsapp message or tweet is missed, and you’ll get rid of many open tabs and apps.

Finding your prospects, managing tasks, call scheduling, social media management and bookkeeping are important tasks for your freelance business. But if you want to spend more time making money, use all the latest advances in automation.