14.07.2017   19:33    Customer support

Deskun: Key features for email customer support

Our previous blog posts featured new Deskun options – live chat widget and messengers integration. However, multichannel customer support can’t be organized without email channel. Many customers consider it the best possible way to contact a company.  

In Deskun, you can use any email address for receiving client inquiries. After the simple setup, you’ll have all the emails sent to that address converted into tickets. You can assign a ticket to a particular employee, set priority, deadline and much more.

Working with tickets in Deskun

Deskun has a number of useful features for efficient processing of customer requests. First, there is collision detection or ticket lock. If an agent has already picked a ticket up, it becomes locked for other agents.

While resolving issues, agents are enabled collaborate behind the scenes using internal notes. These notes are invisible to customers. For instance, you can leave an important message when assigning a ticket to another agent, share some details about the client and so on.

In Deskun, you can create HTML message templates to use them in typical responses. You can create templates for yourself, or even share it with a team. Other handy options are email tracking and Snooze.

In addition, you can manage multiple tickets at once. Mark them read or unread, change their statuses, priorities, and deadlines, or assign to an agent.

More on managing tickets and organizing email support here.