20.07.2017   05:07    Deskun updates

New version

Our team works on Deskun improvements and updates non-stop. We push for fixing all bugs identified on the spot and adding new features for our users.

Current Deskun update ( includes the following changes:

  • To represent the newest changes in a more logical way, queues have been renamed to channels
  • You can now set up a support service using online chat in addition to email
  • You can now link your social network accounts (Facebook, Vk.com), messengers (Viber, Twitter, Telegram, Skype) to Deskun and add chat widgets to your website
  • Completely redesigned Control Panel
  • E-mail tickets that haven't yet been completely uploaded to the current mailbox have an upload progress bar now
  • Ticket search now also searches in notes within tickets
  • Project owners can now delegate their access rights to others
  • Fixed a number of bugs in ticket creation and reply processes that arose in some situations
  • It is now easier to work with a large number of templates - template lists now have scroll and search bars.
  • Templates now support several new tags, you can see them on the template and autoreply edit pages.
  • Fixed several minor bugs and improved overall system stability.

Deskun updates automatically - you don't need to worry about extra downloads of any sort.