13.07.2016   13:14    Deskun updates

New version

Server update:

  • Time to load tickets needed for new agents being freshly assigned with the system was significantly reduced. Now open tickets are uploaded first, while transferring closed ones at first request.
  • Rare issue of "hanging at initialization" tickets was resolved. It might happen if due to connection failure or another Gmail API problem labels were not set correctly from the very beginning.
  • Non-processed response issue within tickets appearing due to different amount of messages within one and the same thread in those assigned to that ticket when it was created was resolved.

Client update:

  • We are working on adjusting interface elements to conventional Gmail styles.


  • From now on you can access Blog at our web page. There you can see most recent news on implemented and ongoing changes in our system as well as to find lots of useful information on how to use Deskun in your company.